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Measuring the Success of Influencer Campaigns

In a recent Q&A, PRNEWS spoke with Futa about influencer marketing measurement, as well as tips for PR pros to maximize their influencer programs.

PRNEWS: How do you see communicators currently measuring influencers? What should they be looking at in addition to or instead?

Jonathan Futa: When we started Group RFZ in 2018, influencers were measured by traditional digital advertising metrics, such as reach, engagement and click-through rates. Now we see marketers and communicators demanding measurement better suited to [each] channel.

The industry as a whole benefits from wide scale adoption of brand lift that looks at attitudinal rather than simply behavioral measurement. Attitudinal refers to people’s perceptions and views, while behavioral refers to actions. For example, attitudinal measurement in brand lift is measuring the change in how much people trust a brand, while behavioral measurement is looking at how many people clicked on a link or added an item to their cart.


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